Reach potential customers in a short period of time and at efficient cost.

VBC is your one-stop-shop for the unique brand exposure you want and need to increase conversions and demonstrate high ROI to stakeholders.

Our media planners work with you to understand who the target audience is for your offering, which channels that audience uses and when, and what type of messaging the audience is most likely to engage with.

With a detailed budgeting plan and where you might be willing to make allowances for premium spots, we select which channels to purchase ad space on and for what price.

Based on the conclusions and strategies determined by our planners, our media buyers execute on the media plan, placing the agreed upon ads on the appropriate channels.

VBC has a wide network of impactful relationships with media owners that results in greater reach with less investment.

We generate content that resonates with the people that brands are trying to reach.

We understand which placements tend to get the most engagement and stay aware of trends and events (like political campaigns) to make sure ads do not get bumped from the agreed upon optimal time.

We aim to get radio space that airs early in a commercial break or at the close of it, as listeners tend to tune out during the bulk of commercial breaks.

We deliver granular insights on marketing performance while the campaign is active, which allows us to attribute conversions and KPIs back to a specific ad, and make mid-campaign updates to ads that are underperforming.

Only with VBC, your ads will never get skipped!

Ads Delivered As Promised

Best deal and value-added for your budget
Best slots
Ads optimization
Brand meets audience
Countless opportunities

“Reach wide, sell and put people in motion.”